Finodex Services

Finodex will offer to selected projects a full set of services allowing them to optimally develop their product and acquire the necessary skills to sustain after their support:

Finodex - Teach SUPPORT - Support during the open calls (FAQ, pre-proposal check service etc.), and during the lifetime of the project implementation (follow-up services: technical support and business support services)
Finodex - Teach TEACH - Targeted and tailored training and information services to supported projects for the development of business plans, technical knowledge on FIWARE and Open Data
Finodex - Teach CONNECT - Useful connections and contacts with other stakeholders participating in the same programme

Finodex - Teach

FUND - Funds to SMEs and Web entrepreneurs selected through open calls for the development of Minimum Viable Products
Finodex - Teach INVEST - Connect the selected SMEs and Web entrepreneurs with networks of private investment and partners so that the most promising ideas to increase chances of additional funding after the support period