FIWARETrento - FINODEX demo day

Tuesday, 31 May 2016
Hub Innovazione Trentino in collaboration with the Bruno Kessler Foundation is pleased to announce a pitch competition among the ten best projects of the second call of the Fiware Finodex European programme.
The demo day will be held in Trento on May 30-31.
The first day will focus on a pitch training workshop during which the participants will be able to perfect their communication skills regarding body language and tone of voice, as well as the main aspects of their presentation: key message, differentiation, competition, business model and more.
The contest will take place the next day, on Tuesday 31st. It will consist of 4-minutes pitches and networking time. A demo area will be arranged for the Finodex finalists to showcase their products and services in front the Fiware community members, other startups, investors and potential customers.
Start-ups supported by other Fiware accelerators such as Impact, Creatifi, Soul-fi and Smart Agrifood, will also have the opportunity to participate and showcase their projects, as part of one fast-moving community.  
By bringing together start-ups, open data enthusiasts, investors and accelerators the event aims to promote innovation and an exciting new setting for international development.

Come and meet us in Trento next 30 & 31st  May. Registration is totally free and you will have the chance to meet our top-10 companies in the second call plus another set of outstanding start-ups from the FIWARE Accelerate programme.

Additionally you will have the chance to attend to two incredible key-note sessions by: 

Stefano Bernardi: co-founder and partner of Mission & Market. Previously KickPay (YC W15)


Kat Borlongan: co-founder of Five by Five, the Paris Open Data Institute. 


Check our portfolio of companies attending the event and register here.