Interview with KISSMYBIKE







"No more stress about bicycle thefts"

Could you summarize your project in just one sentence?

KISSMYBIKE is an anti-theft system designed specifically for bicycles which detects theft and tracks bicycle location until successful recovery.

What has it meant for the company to be engage in the FIWARE acceleration programme?

FINODEX accelerator became a door opener for KISSMYBIKE by providing a right combination of financial support, business coaching, and technical training. The acceleration program was organized in such a way that we could focus on different aspects of business creation process from idea generation to designing and finally developing the market-ready product in a very organized and efficient way with support from both business and technical experts. Moreover, the coaching and mentoring support has allowed us to better define our strategic and tactical plans for further development.

Could you explain how your project has improved working with FIWARE technologies and FINODEX services?

In KISSMYBIKE project, we heavily rely on open source solutions and FIWARE technologies cover most of our needs. By reusing the existing FIWARE technologies instead of implementing all the functionalities by ourselves we have considerably reduced our SW development effort. Experts from FINODEX accelerator helped us to learn and efficiently apply FIWARE technologies in order to address the problem of bicycle thefts.

Has Open Data brought real value to your business?

In addition to our core service of tracking a bicycle in the event of theft, we have also introduced two unique open data enabled prevention and retrieval services that ensure bicycle safety and cyclists' emotional comfort. Prevention service includes safety level estimation and parking recommendations based on open data on reported bicycle thefts. We also assist bicycle owners in a legal retrieval process by providing them with open data on emergency numbers and locations of nearest police stations.

Kissmybike is an anti-theft system for bicycles. Where did the idea come from and what is its added value?

During the last few years, members of KISSMYBIKE team have experienced thefts of 4 bicycles. After searching and failing to find any efficient solutions for this problem on the market, we decided to invest our knowledge and experience into development of a new advanced anti-theft system for bicycles which addresses issues with existing solutions by being invisible, charge-less, and effective.

What are your expectations for 2016 and beyond?

The most important aim for 2016 is to enter the European market and to reach strong awareness about our product among the main target groups. In the following years we aim at building KISSMYBIKE community and expanding our markets.

Where do you see your company in five years time?

KISSMYBIKE is the best in class anti-theft system for bicycles in the world.


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Activity: Smart security solutions
Sector: IoT, Smart city, Transport
Foundation Year: 2015
Employees: 3