• We are happy to share with you all our analysis in our first full process of acceleration finished in January 2016. The following document summarises the whole process followed by the accelerator from March 2015. The main achievements by our accelerated companies have been: 


  • FINODEX StartUp companies are invited to participate in the 2016 LibreCon edition.
  • At the end of the second phase of the 2nd FINODEX Open Call it’s good to take some time and a have an evaluation of the FIWARE usage by the 31 SMEs and Web Entrepreneurs that participated to the Call. The figure below shows an overview of the adoption of FIWARE technologies, giving a drawing, from a quantitative perspective, of the most used FIWARE GEs, grouped by Category/Chapter, within the projects sub-granted by the Call. It’s interesting to note that the usage of FIWARE GEs was very similar both by projects of the 1st and of the 2nd FINODEX Open Calls.

  • According to the IoT Journal, the IoT gateway is in for a good update. EVRYTHNG is providing a new type of gateway[1] the connects different protocols from different devices.

  • It comes a point in the life of the start-ups when raising funds becomes a need to grow. In those cases the world of busines angels or VCs offers a variety of possibilities to finance your companies. But private capital is not the only option, it might be interesting as well to consider the fact that public funding can be really interesting for a variety of reasons: