• Each one has been funded with 50,000 euros already and has gained access to another 50,000

    20 October 2015 

  • The projects will start their acceleration activities next week. FINODEX supports already over 100 European projects
  • Congratulations to one of our first call teams which was recently interviewed for the national television in Portugal, RTP. Firerisk is one of the 49 projects in the first open call for proposals by FINODEX and their project consists on an app able to track and monitor fire risk alerts in real time, helping public authorities, citizens and firefighters in their daily work.

    Click here to watch the video (in Portuguese).


  • The results on our second call have been sent to our proposers. Out of the 297 received propoposals 52 will finally sign up a sub-grantee contract by the end of September. Public results will not be made till that moment, as from now on the "negotiation" phase is taking place. Thanks everyone for participation.

  • FIcontent has recently released an online “Lab” to deliver FIWARE Enablers for media and content applications, in order to complement the FIWARE catalogue of Generic Enablers (GEs).