• The referred cities have launched together the "Open and Agile Smart Cities (OASC) initiative" which aims to kickstart the use of a shared set of standards and principles enabling the development of smart city applications and solutions once for multiple cities, making them interoperable between cities, and within a city.

  • IO will be a sociable robot that will support to psychiatrists and psychotherapists in the treatment of several developmental disorder using FIWARE technology.

  • Second open call is about to open. Stay tuned case news and docs will arrive shortly. So far all we can tell you is already at our website. Dates have been confirmed: opening the 8th of April and closing the 17th of June (at 17:00PM CEST). Don't miss the chance!

  • Trento, Italy - No more queues in order to buy bus tickets, no more excuses for those who will be caught without a travel document on a bus. Those are the goals of OpenMove, one of the 49 startups selected by FINODEX Project and winner of the Trentino Open Data Challenge 2014.   

  • The phase 2 of the incubation has just started!. A set of 49 companies have just began our acceleration process. The list of selected companies is available at our website. Some of the companies will be attending different events in the following weeks to promote theirselves among the audience. A good example has been the 4yfn where two of them had the chance to pitch their ideas.