FIWARE FINODEX selects their top-ten projects

Each one has been funded with 50,000 euros already and has gained access to another 50,000

20 October 2015 

FINODEX, the European accelerator for ICT projects based on Open Data and FIWARE technologies, has already chosen the ten best projects which have accessed to the fourth and final phase of the process. The accelerated companies have already received coaching and advisory services as well as 50,000 euros to turn their ideas into reality. Top-ten projects have passed several phases prior to reaching this fourth one. The first phase selected 49 out of 196 proposals, the second 30 out of those and finally, after the last evaluation, the top ten.

FINODEX is one of the 16 accelerators funded by the European Commission to support SMEs and entrepreneurs projects based on Open Data and FIWARE technologies. The main goal is creating new ICT products and services to improve the sector’s competitiveness. FINODEX is led by the Spanish international company ZABALA Innovation Consulting and integrated by a consortium of six more European partners.

FINODEX has already selected more than one hundred innovative projects via two open calls launched in 2014 and 2015. Each project will obtain between 10,000 and 170,000 euros of equity-free funding. FINODEX is investing 4.64 million euros to support the selected projects.

Top-ten projects chosen in the fourth phase will have the opportunity to obtain another 50,000 euros, and additionally win one of three prizes for the best projects in the call, with 70,000, 35,000 and 15,000 euros respectively.

Projects selected in the fourth phase

These are the projects selected for the fourth phase (see table with complete data) with explanatory video (click on the link):

  1. TALKYKAR “Let your car be smart”. Transport, Málaga - Spain.
  2.  PESTICIDE FINDER “Your advisor on pesticide management”. Agriculture, Zaragoza – Spain.
  3.  LKN “Linknovate Innovation Search Engine”. ICT, Santiago de Compostela – Spain.
  4. 3D METEO “3D Meteorological Web Services”. Environment and Energy, Vitoria - Spain.
  5.  GENESIS “Gene Expression Search Engine”. Health, Tallin - Estonia.
  6. FruitWatcher “Assessing fruit and fresh vegetables best conditions”. Transport, Zaragoza - Spain.
  7.  FIRERISK “Open data and FIWARE for a better wildfires risk communication”. Environment and energy, Castelo Branco - Portugal.
  8. ZEUS “Service for making accesible to clients the information about IoT-Products, Processes and systems. Manufacturing, Barakaldo - Spain.
  9. OPENMOVE “Open platform for mobile ticketing”. Transport, Mori -  Italy. S.H. “Smart HospitalHealth, Vigo - Spain.