Interview with LINKNOVATE



"Linknovate. Discovery Engine"


  • Could you summarize your project in just one sentence?

Linknovate is a discovery engine, we are able to identify emerging technologies and the key-players behind them.

  • What has it meant for the company to be engage in the FIWARE acceleration programme?

Aside from funding, it meant the possibility to gain visibility in the H2020 framework, both for the EC and for other partners and prospective clients who are now calling us to meet, to work together, and grow our business.

  • Could you explain how your project has improved working with FIWARE technologies and FINODEX services?

We have now a deeper understanding of what open data really means and its challenges. Also how FiWare can help us generate insights from it and rapidly test our data visualizations.

  • Has Open Data brought real value to your business?

It has indeed generated real value, not open data per se, but the crunching, cleaning, processing and data visualization we do with it.

  • Linknovate is a search engine that helps manufacturing and R&D teams in corporations find technologies and partners. Where did the idea come from and what is its added value?

The idea came from our founding team: our past life as researchers and as strategic consultants (Manu and Javi). We saw the need to build a connector between technology providers (mainly startups, research groups, small business) with technology seekers (corporations, funding institutions, and other companies. We now see entire teams at companies whose primary goal is to know what is going on, what are the emerging technologies, what is hot and what are potential disruptors and opportunities for their businesses. They often found themselves going from conference to conference to be ‘up to date’. We wanted to build a tool for them.

  • What are your expectations for 2016 and beyond?

In 2016 we want to grow our team to 7-8 people, launch our new beta version and x5 our revenues to go past 1M€. Beyond 2016, we want to become the go-to tool for strategists and technologists for technology landscaping and understanding new markets.

  • Where do you see your company in five years time?

In 5 years we see ourselves working to make Linknovate profitable and sustainable over time. We will achieve our mission if we are not only able to provide a great updated picture for their topics of interest, but also if we are able to help our clients DISCOVER new emerging topics of interest for their business. By achieving this we will have a meaningful social impact: we would be giving technology providers (SMEs and researchers around the world) more funding opportunities.


1. Technology Scouting (identify emerging technologies)
2. Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Foresight (help understand how those emerging technologies are relevant to your business).
Sector: ICT
Foundation Year: 2012
Employees: 5