Finodex startups

Helps viticulturists to learn more about their vineyards through powerful analytics, and helps them spray smarter.

Real time perception of the wildfire risk for a specific area

A new revolutionary ICT (software & hardware) solution that aspires to drastically improve the quality of life of people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, as well as all other individuals’ affected (family members –caregivers).

Monitoring fruit transport conditions from stores until distribution facilities in order to assess whole lifecycle control and detect possible usual undesirable events

Enables to select the “right data” out from the current genomic data chaos, and by using end-user oriented interfaces supports the physicians, geneticists and bioinformatics in their decision making processes.

Google-like search engine for genetic data analysing thousands of scientific experiments and giving a ranked list of the most relevant treatments that have most effect on a gene.